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Prime Design Films now fixes .DAT files!


.DAT files can occur when using DSLR cameras or GoPro’s. This problem occurs when your battery dies in the middle of filming, or you happen to turn off or open your memory card slot while still filming.

Prime Design Films can now fix your .DAT file at a fraction of the price that other companies are offering.

It will be restored to full HD resolution. However, since your file was corrupted, the only thing that we cannot guarantee is that your audio will be restored.


This is how it works:

Please send us a working clip that you had filmed before or after the corrupted file.

The corrupted file. (all via drop box or mega upload)

And a quick description of what is within the clip.

Then we create a short watermarked preview for you, showing the clip in full resolution. Then if you approve the clip, we accept your payment and immediately send you your corrected file as soon as the payment has arrived!

The full process will be done within a maximum of 14 days. We accept paypal payments. If you prefer credit card, there will be a 15% transaction fee.

Email Alexandra@primedesignfilms.com to have your .DAT file fixed!

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